I love to use art practices to tell stories. I work in a variety of media; a pen, watercolors, acrylics, ink, and collage. In order to create my digital works and NFT’s, I usually manipulate and rework on some of my artworks on the computer. Basically; I decontextualize, then, I reconstruct.

I am inspired by everything from organic shapes in nature to the funky geometrics of Post Modernism, from Folk Art to the abstract expressionism.

Check out my new NFT Collection on the Opensea : https://opensea.io/assets/collage-brut

Collage Avatars

They are fun characters that are like paper cut-outs with many layers, humor, and details. The cartoons and old vinyl toys are a great source of character inspiration for this project. Each is available in multiple sizes.

Monochrome Collages

These are my collage characters as ornaments for my ‘Metaverse’, a new universe in blockchain technology that I intend to create next. All artworks are available in multiple sizes.

Digital Collages

Artworks in semi-abstract form yet accurately figurative.


I love to experiment with color, contrast, textures and strive for the unexpected.

Botanical Portraits

Large-scale drawings on paper with pigment black ballpoint pens, featuring depth, meticulous detail and intensity.

Original Paintings

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