I love to use art practices to tell stories. I work in a variety of media; a pen, watercolors, acrylics, ink, and collage. In order to create my digital works and NFT’s, I usually manipulate and rework on some of my artworks on the computer. Basically; I decontextualize, then, I reconstruct.

I am inspired by everything from organic shapes in nature to the funky geometrics of Post Modernism, from Folk Art to the abstract expressionism.

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About Collage Brut:

They are funny characters who have their own story and personality.
The cartoons and old vinyl toys are a great source of character inspiration for this project.
The creative process starts with a couple of rough sketches but it continues in a more experimental way; I identify random objects, bring some of geometric shapes and silhouettes of these ordinary objects digitally together in order to finally to get the shape of the character I want to create. Take a step back, see how it goes, make some changes, then I fill in these shapes with some of my drawings and illustrations.
I just try to find new ways of creating something with fun. It is about; looking things around me from different perspectives, exploring different possibilities, reframing, and enjoying the unexpected outcome.

Pixel Works

Convergent Thinking..


Botanical Portraits

I love to create monochrome works using ink pen. I believe that each plant has a unique personality.