It is a creative studio that offers original artworks, illustrations, digital downloadable prints, and unique, hand-crafted custom goods.
The studio has born out of my creative endeavors. Everything in the store is originally created by me working in a variety of media; including pen, watercolor, acrylic, ink, and collage. I love to use art practices to tell stories.
My process starts with a drawing. In order to create digital art prints, I sometimes manipulate and rework on some of my artworks on the computer. Downloadable digital prints are the most affordable way to create a gallery wall to add taste to your living spaces.
I also translate some of my drawings into the textile or to any other surface I want to play with. It can be a tote-bag, a piece of wooden jewelry, a kimono, or a jean jacket with a simple aim to bring together design, style, comfort, and individuality.
I am inspired by everything from organic shapes in nature to the funky geometrics of Post Modernism, from Folk Art to the abstract expressionism.
Celebrate the new everyday essentials; hand-painted one-of-a-kind pieces to express your personality.